Water Tsunami


Certain metahumans can wield Earth's elemental powers . Of all the powers, Water alone can Heal, deal Damage, Sap the enemy, Cleanse friendly units, and Blind foes, not to mention generate massive amounts of Focus. Make use of this all-around Power Set, and you'll have your enemies begging for mercy.

Power CardsEdit

Card Name Focus Cost Rarity Short Description Long Description


75 Legendary Harm All 5, Sap All 2 All enemy units are dealt 5 damage and receive -2 to strength until your next turn.

Flash FreezeEdit

20 Common Sap All 1, Freeze All All enemy units receive -1 to strength for 1 turn, and have a 50% chance of losing their next attack.


15 Epic Blind All Units All units on the battlefield, friendly and enemy, miss their next attack.

Frozen SolidEdit

60 Rare Immobilize, Suffer Enemy ally is staggered, permanently loses its ability to attack and loses 1 Health each turn.

Glacial BarrierEdit

30 Uncommon Blitz Ice Wall Place a 0/4 Ice Wall into each of your empty slots.

Hail StormEdit

40 Uncommon Harm All 2-4 All enemies are dealt 2-4 damage.


30 Epic Weaken 1, Freeze Target enemy permanently receives -1 to Strength and has a 50% chance of losing its next attack.

Ice BlastEdit

25 Common Harm 3, Freeze Target enemy is dealt 3 damage and has a 50% chance of losing its next attack.

Ice FormEdit

30 Rare Regen Hero 1 For the rest of the game, your Hero heals 1 Health each turn at the beginning of its turn.


25 Rare Cleanse, Evade Target friendly ally is cleansed and evades all attacks for 1 turn.


40 Legendary Summon Whirlpool A 0/4 Whirlpool is placed in target empty slot.


15 Common Heal 3 Target friendly unit heals 3 health.


25 Uncommon Stun, Focus 50 Your Hero loses its next attack but gains 50 Focus at the end of this turn.


40 Epic Summon Tidal Wave A 4/1 Tidal Wave with Rush is placed into target empty slot.

Well SpringEdit

50 Legendary Heal All 5 Your Hero and allies heal 5 points.