The Council is a secretive organization comprised of metahumans, who call themselves "Elders." They seek to balance the world by masterminding world affairs through subtle and conspiratorial means. Members of the Council believe strongly in their own moral authority, and cede power neither to the World Alliance, nor the ULH. The influence of the Council is widespread, and many events can be directly tied to the Elders' machinations. While the government internally acknowledges the existence of the Council, it has yet to identify its members. The Agents of Truth have repeatedly tried to shed light on the secret society, but each attempt has failed to permeate its mystery.

Damien Sands (45/2/6) - Intoxicating CharmEdit

Kokopelli, Maui, Iktome, Anansi, Puck, Loki, Coyote...the entity currently known as Damien Sands has been known by all these names. His real name is lost in antiquity. He is an ancient trickster spirit, the embodiment of chaos and balance. Over the millennia, he has seen the powerful oppress the weak time and again. He joined the Elder's Council to help prevent history from repeating itself yet again.

  • Damien Sands
  • Eclipse
  • Enigma
  • Shroud
  • Sunspot

Eclipse (60/2/6) - Wax and WaneEdit

Perpetually enshrined in mist, few have glimpsed the face of Eclipse. His need for secrecy is so great, even his fellow Elders know little about him. His knowledge of the world is vast, and most assume he is ancient. However, those who have tried to discover his origins mysteriously disappear.

Enigma (35/1/6) - Mind GamesEdit

Enigma is said to be born from a dying planet far across the universe. The planet died as the people forgot the ways of magic. A spirit born from the planets last spark of life, Enigma travels through space determined to never let that happen to another world. Upon arriving here she elected to join the council so that she could feed magic into our world through our heroes, thus maintaining a world for our heroes to protect.

Shroud (60/2/6) - LucidityEdit

Bleeding and broken on the rock where Darlok dashed him, Shroud was overcome with visions -- words of power and perseverance, images of strength and humility. At death's door, he found a peace he had long sought in life. He looked up at Darlok's face and felt no hate or anger, but only a resolve to his new mission: Earth would be cleansed of evil, beginning with Darlok himself.

Sunspot (75/2/8) - Trail of FireEdit

Although quick-tempered and wielding explosive pyrokinetic abilities, Sunspot has proved his heroism time and again. One of the original ULH, he has found it impossible to step back, and has returned to act as a mentor to the next generation of heroes. In secret, however, he also works with the Elder's Council, striving to ensure the world comes to a place of peace.