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Be sure to visit your Superbase daily!

Every hero needs a base of operations, an HQ, a crib to call their own. The Superbase is where you can access your Profile, which details your wins, losses, achievements, fame, and rank. You'll also find your Card Vault there, where you can explore the different allies and learn about their backgrounds and histories. But the real fun with Superbase is setting up a Hero to defend your HQ against intruders, while launching attacks of your own against the bases of your friends.


Profile provides you the following details:

  1. Level
  2. Fame
  3. Leaderboard rank
  4. Wins
  5. Losses
  6. Card total; i.e., you might have 232 of the 336 available cards.
  7. Achievements

Card VaultEdit

The Card Vault groups all the Allies by their faction, or alliance, and gives you a biography of each hero. Want to find out who's been hooking with whom? Or whose parents Hau Yu killed? Explore the vault and learn more about the world of CLASH. This is a great way to develop ideas for Theme Decks.

Defend your Superbase and Launch AttacksEdit

The game's Artificial Intelligence engine will defend your Superbase. Create a deck, click Choose Defender, select the deck you just made or any other complete deck you have. Don't worry, you can still take that same deck into a Live Match, and it can still defend your Superbase at the same time.

When one of your game friends attacks your base, the AI will use your deck to fend off the attackers. Don't forget to visit your Superbase daily so that you can collect Victory Points for each successful defense of your base. If your base is defeated, well, hopefully your game friend sent you a sympathy gift, the only way to get the Yellow, Blue, and Pink Gift items.

To launch your own attack, simply click Launch Attack, select any friend, whether they are online or offline, and you will face their Superbase defender.

  • Superbase
  • Card Vault
  • Select a Defender
  • Launch Attack!