Sorcery faction

Only a select few are blessed with arcane knowledge. Those who receive the gift of magic can follow a dark path if they become obsessed with their power, and hunger for more. Sorcery is that dark path. Upon it tread titans of magic, who can, and often do, rival the power of heroes and villains.

Sorcery AlliesEdit

Stats are related (Health/Strength/Focus)

Dragoon (50/1/5) - Stun ChiEdit

Dragoon’s style of martial arts is akin to a master weaver upon a loom. He combines lightning and fire in a deadly pyrotechnic tapestry. Behind this powerful elemental display, he is a constant whirl of blades so sharp they can slice through stone as easily as flesh.

  • Dragoon
  • Korix
  • Luna
  • Shale
  • Vudu

Korix (40/2/5) - Chaotic MagicEdit

Many years ago Korix sought knowledge too powerful for one man to control. By doing so he created a bottomless well of magic within himself, at a price: This void lets him manipulate the physical world with ease, but it created a maddening thirst inside him for even greater power.

Luna (30/1/4) - New MoonEdit

It is whispered in occult circles that Luna, beautiful mistress of the moon, ritually converts moonlight into arcane power. This power is a costly elixir, for though it grants her eternal youth, it robs her sanity. With each turn of the Earth she grows ever more gorgeous and insane.

Shale (60/1/4) - Mistress of DeathEdit

There is a vault of forbidden knowledge buried beneath the rubble of an ancient, forgotten civilization. It takes many dark sacrifices to reach this vault, but to the sorceress Shale, these rites were worth the cost of becoming undead, for now she commands her own army of animated corpses, raised from a forgotten past to wreak havoc upon the present.

Vudu (70/1/6) - Spirit HexEdit

The trackless jungles of South America are home to a forgotten tribe that has power over plants lost to the rest of humanity. This tribe is led by a Shaman called Vudu. As humanity has poisoned the jungle with pollutants, Vudu’s power has become darker and more poisonous, and he is now bent on revenge against the entire world.