Psionics MentalAcuity

More focus means more power!

The mental abilities of metahumans can far outstrip that of ordinary men and women. Masters of the Psionic Power Set generate tremendous amounts of focus. Harnessing their mental powers, these Heroes can turn allies against their leader, heal themselves, cleanse their enemies, daze opposing heroes, and even permanently sap the strength of opponents.

Power CardsEdit

Card Name Focus Cost Rarity Short Description Long Description


25 Common Minor Redirect The next time target enemy attacks, it damages the enemy Hero instead.


20 Uncommon Daze All Enemy Hero loses all Focus.


20 Uncommon Harm 2, Paralyze Target enemy unit is dealt 2 damage and has a 75% chance of losing its next attack.


65 Legendary Major Redirect For the rest of the game, each time the target enemy ally attacks, it damages the enemy Hero instead.

Empathic LinkEdit

20 Rare Regen Allies Friendly allies currently in play gain 1 health each turn at the beginning of their turn.

Enslave MindEdit

25 Epic Summon Mind Slave Place a 2/6 Mind Slave in target empty slot.

Force SuicideEdit

60 Epic Kill Ally Target ally (friendly or enemy) kills itself.

Healing TranceEdit

20 Rare Heal 5, Stun Your Hero heals 5 health but loses its next attack.


55 Legendary Redirect Enemies The next time your enemies attack, they damage the enemy Hero instead.

Mass ParalysisEdit

30 Epic Paralyze All All enemies have a 75% chance of being unable to attack next turn.

Mental AcuityEdit

30 Common Insight 10 For the rest of the game, your Hero gains 10 extra Focus each turn at the beginning of your turn.

Psychic AttackEdit

30 Common Harm 3, Daze 20 Target enemy is dealt 3 damage and enemy Hero loses 20 Focus.

Psychic PurgeEdit

60 Legendary Cleanse Enemy, Daze With exception of health, enemy hero is restored to its original condition and loses all focus.


10 Uncommon Paralyze Target enemy has a 75% chance of being unable to attack next turn.

Weaken WillEdit

65 Rare Weaken All 1 All enemies have their strength reduced by 1.