Floating above the planet in their satellite headquarters, the Paragons watch over the heroes and humans of earth with the air of lions watching their cubs at play. They are deeply protective of justice, freedom, and the greater good, and they feel they are the only super-humans capable of operating free from outside influence. The Paragons are extremely powerful, so no one is going to tell them otherwise, but sometimes their hard-line view of the world makes it hard for them to team up with other heroes.


Stats are related (Focus/Strength/Health)

Arkanna (50/1/7) - Forbidden LoreEdit

Watching Arkanna in action is like watching a thunderstorm approach while standing on open ground. She is beautiful, terrible, awesomely powerful frightening, and refreshing in the same instant. A purely magical being who is gentle and sweet-natured when there is no danger, Arkanna is quick to react with a stunning array of illusions and sorcery when Earth or her beloved Paragons are threatened, though she never casts a spell without just cause.

Dynamo (40/2/4) - Magnetic ArmorEdit

Dynamo's body is attuned to magnetic fields. He can sense them like ocean waves caressing his skin. With a thought, he can shift them, causing a wide variety of effects. Dynamo is also brother to Miss Prism, and while their powers share the same cosmic scale, they are polar opposites in personality. Dynamo is the black-sheep of his family, with a cynical view and dramatic mood swings. His fellow Paragons don't quite trust him.

  • Arkanna
  • Dynamo
  • Master Chi
  • Miss Prism
  • Vindonis

Master Chi (60/1/16) - Martial FlowEdit

Unlike his flashy counterparts in the Paragons, Master Chi is as cool and deeply calm as a glacial lake. His entire life has been filled with meditation and martial arts, and long ago he reached a state of perfect understanding. When he achieved this state, he placed the protection of Earth on his own shoulders. His wisdom grants him a “flow-state” where the world moves like an underwater dance, and he can react to any threat with ease.

Miss Prism (40/1/5) - Razzle-DazzleEdit

Like Swarovski crystal, Miss Prism shines bright, but she is delicate and expensive. She dazzles her foes with photons, which she can shape into anything from force-fields to blasts. Her powers help the Paragons shed light on evildoers, but they also contribute to her dark side: Miss Prism comes from wealth and privilege, which has given her an inflated sense of self-worth. It doesn’t help that she can create her own spotlight!

Vindonis (65/1/7) - Divine BloodEdit

Anyone who sees Vindonis, once they recover their ability to talk, would say that he looks absolutely divine. The truth is that Vindonis, founder of the Paragons, actually is divine. His one weakness, as a god, is his belief in mankind. His fellow gods exiled him for this. He has taken to his exile like a goat to rocks, and is capable of unmatchable feats of strength and bravery, punishing anyone who harms humans.