Neutral Legend

Become an unstoppable force with Legend

Some abilities are common among metahumans. The ability to soar into the air, to withstand an onslaught, to command Allies: these sorts of powers belong to the Neutral Power Set. You gain these cards through leveling up. The higher the level, the sweeter the rewards! Eventually you'll be reknowned throughout the Clash universe, a true Legend.

See Level and Rewards .

Power CardsEdit

Card Name Focus Cost Rarity Short Description Long Description


10 Special Edition Focus 20 Your Hero gains 20 Focus.


15 Special Edition Shield 1, Reflect 1 The next 1 damage dealt to you is absorbed and enemy units that hit you this turn are dealt 1 damage.


10 Special Edition Harm 1, Buff 2 You take 1 damage, but you gain +2 to your Strength for 1 turn.

Fast HealingEdit

20 Special Edition Regenerate 0 - 1 You have a 50% chance to gain regen 1.

Increase DensityEdit

20 Special Edition Block 1 Until your next turn, all damage dealt to you is reduced by 1.


35 Special Edition Evade, Redirect Target friendly unit attacks the enemy hero the next time it attacks and evades the next attack.


35 Special Edition Strength 1 Friendlies Your Hero and allies gain +1 to strength permanently.


100 Special Edition Strength 3, Regen 3 Your Hero has its strength increased by 3. Your Hero heals 3 health each turn.

Martial StrikeEdit

5 Special Edition Harm 1 Target enemy is dealt 1 damage.

Mind Over BodyEdit

50 Special Edition Weaken, Focus 100 You gain 100 focus, but You permanently lose 2 strength.

Recruit SidekickEdit

50 Special Edition Summon Sidekick A 1/5 Sidekick is placed into target empty slot.


55 Special Edition Cleanse Any With the exception of health, target friendly or enemy unit is restored to its original condition.

Second WindEdit

15 Special Edition Heal 3 Your Hero is healed 3 points.


50 Special Edition Strength, Heal Your Hero gains +1 to +2 Strength and +1 to +4 Health.


10 Special Edition Cycle Hand All cards in your hand are placed in the discard pile and will be reshuffled into your deck.

Super SpeedEdit

75 Special Edition Speed For the rest of the game, your Hero may now attack twice each turn.

Sweep KickEdit

10 Special Edition Disorient Target enemy is Disoriented.


40 Special Edition Redirect Allies Your allies attack the enemy Hero this turn, regardless of whether they're blocked.

Take FlightEdit

45 Special Edition Evade, Speed Until your next turn, you attack twice and evade all attacks.


10 Special Edition Daze 20 Enemy Hero loses 20 focus


5 Special Edition Teleport Ally Select friendly ally. You may move this ally to any empty slot.

ULH CommandEdit

100 Special Edition Blitz ULH A 1/8 Bolt, 1/5 Frost, 1/6 Solstice and 2/8 General are summoned into random empty friendly slots.