Munitions SniperRifle

For the marksman in you.

Flame Throwers, Bazooka blasts, Sniper Rifles: you get the idea. But you'll find more than guns 'n ammo here. Power Suit is a heck of a bargain for what it gives you. Gas Grenade is the only Power Card that applies Suffer to all enemy units. And what sniper leaves home without a bullet proof vest? Munitions is a terrific deck for doing damage, preventing damage, and making a themed hero.

Power CardsEdit

Card Name Focus Cost Rarity Short Description Long Description

Activate TurretEdit

25 Epic Summon Auto Turret A 0/5 Auto Turret is summoned into target empty slot.

Ballistic VestEdit

25 Uncommon Shield 4 The next 4 damage dealt to target friendly unit is absorbed.


45 Uncommon Harm 5, Burst 3 Target enemy is dealt 5 damage. Adjacent enemies are dealt 3 damage.

Flame ThrowerEdit

30 Rare Harm 3, Burn 2 Target enemy is dealt 3 damage. At the end of its next turn, it is dealt 2 more damage.

Freeze RayEdit

10 Epic Harm 1, Freeze Target enemy is dealt 1 damage. This enemy has a 50% chance of being unable to attack next turn.

Gas GrenadeEdit

45 Epic Suffer Enemies All enemy units lose 1 Health each turn at the beginning of their turn.

Laser RifleEdit

15 Rare Harm 2, Aim 1 Target enemy is dealt 2 damage, and has a 50% chance of being dealt 1 more damage.

Machine GunEdit

30 Uncommon Harm All 2-3 All enemies are dealt 2-3 damage.


10 Common Harm 1, Aim 1 Target enemy unit is dealt 1 damage, and has a 50% chance of being dealt 1 more damage.

Power SuitEdit

70 Legendary Strength 2, Shield 6 Your Hero has its strength increased by 2. The next 6 damage dealt to your Hero is absorbed.

Rig ExplosiveEdit

50 Legendary Summon Trip Mine Place a 0/1 Trip Mine with Harm All 4 in target empty slot.

Smoke GrenadeEdit

50 Common Blind Enemies All enemies miss their next attack.

Sniper RifleEdit

40 Rare Harm 4, Aim 4 Target enemy is dealt 4 damage and has a 50% chance of receiving 4 more damage.


20 Common Harm 1-5 Target enemy is dealt 1-5 damage.