Mortar Combat! pt1

Mortar Combat!

Mortar Combat Pt.1==

During your fight with Lincoln you saw Greywack splash across the tidal flats and disappear into the water. You've got him now! You splash to where he last was, and search for a hatch. You find nothing. Then, with a loud slurp, you are sucked down below the tidal basin through a series of tubes, and dropped into a pool hundreds of feet below the city. Above the pool stands Greywack. "Welcome to my little carve-out. I'll let you get acquainted with my collection," he says, walking away. You hear stone feet approach, and pull yourself out in time to get punched by a terracotta terror.

Rewards: 150 VP, 150 XP Cost: 15 Energy

Enemy: Living Statue

Mortar Combat Pt. 2Edit

The halls and rooms of Greywack's lair look melted out of the rock and extend for miles under the capital. Tubes leading upward must connect to every major building in the area, which explains today's coordinated attacks. You find a mineshaft that leads down as well, by stumbling into it. Your landing is softened by a crunchy pile of human skeletons. You found an ancient tomb! An eerie glow suffuses the pile you are in, and skeletons begin to chatter their teeth. "Join uss," they moan. From the floor, an angry spirit rises, twisting and screaming.

Rewards 150 VP, 150 XP Cost: 15 Energy

Enemy: Revenant