Might LethalCombo


Buff your Hero for fist-to-face action! We all love a Hero that boasts Super Strength, and this is the Power Set that delivers a punch. Strength also has some excellent Damage cards in Super Punch and Smash. Take out opposing Allies with Clothesline and the extra-cheap Hurl Object. You'll find defense and Heal here as well, plus some Daze. Need a hero that pounds enemies into the dirt? No guess needed: go with Strength.

Power CardsEdit

Card Name Focus Cost Rarity Short Description Long Description

Awe InspiringEdit

60 Epic Buff All 3 Your Hero and allies gain +3 to their strength for one turn.

Battle CryEdit

20 Uncommon Buff All 1 Until your next turn, your Hero and allies gain +1 to their strength.


25 Uncommon Harm 4, Stagger Target enemy ally is dealt 4 damage and loses its special ability until the end of its next turn.


30 Rare Harm 2, Daze Enemy Hero is dealt 2 damage and loses all Focus.

Hurl ObjectEdit

5 Uncommon Harm 2 Target enemy ally is dealt 2 damage.


15 Rare Protect Until your next turn, target friendly ally is protected from damage and Kill.


40 Legendary Protect Until the beginning of your next turn, your hero is dealt no damage.

Lethal ComboEdit

90 Legendary Buff 5, Speed Your Hero gains +5 to Strength until your next turn. Your Hero may attack twice this turn.


25 Common Heal 4 Your hero heals 4 health.


10 Epic Reflect 1 Until your next turn, enemies attacking your hero are dealt 1 damage.


40 Rare Harm 6, Daze 10 Enemy Hero is dealt 6 damage and loses 10 focus.

Super PunchEdit

25 Common Harm 4 Enemy Hero is dealt 4 damage.

Super StrengthEdit

30 Common Strength 1 Target Hero permanently has its strength increased by 1.


45 Epic Shield 8 The next 8 damage dealt to your Hero is absorbed.