Rewards: 100 VP, 200 XP Cost: 10 Energy


The morning sky over New York is filled with fighter planes and heroes. Veila swoops in as a hawk and harries your team. The Pegasus gets frightened and swoops away, down low through the forests of upper New York state. The chase is on! Veila is faster than you, but you have Frost slowing her down with chilly beams. “Give it up!

Why do you want this thing anyway!?”

You yell at her. “She’s Leer’s pet experiment! We didn’t know she was smart enough to pick locks and fly off though!” You can’t let someone like Leer get ahold of this beautiful creature! You growl and close in on Veila.

Rewards: 150 VP, 300 XP Cost: 15 Energy

Enemy: Veila


You smack Veila out of the sky, and she crashes loudly into the trees below. The poor pegasus thinks it’s next, you can tell by the way it frantically dodges and veers away from you. It leads you on a high-speed flying chase through a narrow canyon, all the while you are dodging its trail of magic dust. You fly up a waterfall, and suddenly it finds itself facing another waterfall and a sheer cliff face. "Eaaaasy does it girl, I'm not here to hurt you!" It turns, and clacking all four hooves together suddenly rushes you!

Rewards: 250 VP, 500 XP Cost: 25 Energy