Earth, as far as the rest of the universe is concerned, is a prime prospect for resources. Whether it's world domination or enslavement they want, Invasion forces will stop at nothing to plan ingenious surprise attacks on our home planet. Heroes beware!

Invasion AlliesEdit

Stats are related (Health/Strength/Focus)

Astrovore (90/5/10) - Eater of WorldsEdit

Known as the "Eater of Worlds," Astrovore is one of the galaxy's biggest threats. Its origins are a mystery--those who encounter it are usually consumed. It is thought that it is purely a predator, a mindless beast of epic proportions. After millions of years spent eating planets, Astrovore has picked up an almost infinite number of viruses. One such virus can infect meta-humans and other powerful creatures, magnifying their abilities and causing them to lose control of their powers.

Gammatron (40/1/8) - Charged BlastEdit

Gammatron redefines heavy metal. With a drumbeat of radioactive blaster cannons pistoning away, a lightshow of high intensity lasers, and the inventive bass notes of shields deflecting damage, no one else rocks a crowd like Gammatron.

  • Astrovore
  • Gammatron
  • Mechtank
  • Riller
  • Sevun
  • Warp
  • Zer'Tog

Mechtank (60/2/6) - Adapting TechEdit

Few things are simple in this world of heroes and villains. Mechtank is the exception: It is a huge robot that is very good at blowing things up. Mechtank is a nano-adaptive artificial intelligence too, so it can withstand brutal attacks by tailoring its offense and defense to exploit any enemy's weakness.

Riller (70/3/7) - Multiple ArmsEdit

Riller enjoys nothing more than being up to all four of his elbows in blood and gore. With twice the usual number of arms, it's relatively easy for this highly trained killer to take on many enemies at once and come out laughing, alone and victorious.

Sevun (30/2/5) - Distortion StrikeEdit

Once thought of as a useful muse by her former owners, Sevun's powers of distorting reality grew out of hand over time. Kept as a slave for years, she transformed from a source of inspiration into a source of undoing. She ripped her captive's world to shreds, and she will do the same to anyone else who gets in her way.

Warp (55/2/6) - Field RoboticsEdit

If you happen to glimpse the technowizard known as Warp, don't blink; He'll disappear. In his place will be a sleek, sophisticated robotic drone. You might have time to wonder what just happened before the drone unleashes laser-gatling hell.

Zer'Tog (100/3/9) - InvasionEdit

Some time ago, government scientists staged the first live test of a wormhole machine. The wormhole proved unstable and collapsed, but not before an alien spacecraft came through. The ship destroyed the machine and an entire military base before being contained by Earth's heroes. However, Zer'tog, the ship's commander, escaped.