Four Corners

Four Corners

When Earth finally became aware of human existence, she attempted to commnicate with them in an effort to stop their mistreatment of her body. However, the human mind had by then become too fragmented and foreign to understand. They believed themselves separate from the Earth body, rather than part of a greater whole. So Earth created the Four Corners, breathing life into the classical elements. Whle each Corner carries with it a slice of Earth's consciousness, she gave each a distinct (and often conflicting) personality in order to better understand the human condition. The Four Corners operate independently and rarely work together. They maintain neutrality in human political affairs, concerned only with planetary health.

Four CornersEdit

Stats are related (Focus/Health/Strength)

Aquas (95/3/9) - Flowing FormEdit

The Master of Seas, Aquas was the first of the Corners to contat human beings after they began dumping extremely toxic chemicals into the ocean. He has since become a sort of unofficial liasion between humans and the planet. He views humans as Earth's children and often comes off as paternalistic.

Gaia (80/1/10) - Natural OrderEdit

There is much innocence that gets caught in the clash between heroes and villains. Nothing is as trod on and sullied as the very earth upon which we depend. However, this great planet is not an inert arena; it is a sentient being, and as such it protects itself. No protecetion is greater than Gaia, Earth's champion. She emboies the sacred life-force of our vibrant planet, wielding elemental and restorative powers in defense of her Mother Earth.

  • Aquas
  • Gaia
  • Mudrik
  • Tetra
  • Zephyr

Mudrik (80/4/10) - Sink HoleEdit

Extremely stubborn and singularly focused, Mudrik is obsessed with guarding Earth's core, and wields the crust of the planet to protect it. He has little patience for communicating with humans. While he doesn't find them inherently evil, he doe think they're stupid. For this reason, he considers them a threat.

Tetra (100/3/8) - Sculpt FlameEdit

Tetra is fire alive. She has strong destructive urges and feeds off her sibling's energy. Although the other Corners are wary of her, they value her purpose and so treat her with respect. Tetra often suggests burning away human life as the easiest solution to deal with 'the parasite'. The others find this attitude ironic.

Zephyr (85/2/8) - Body of AirEdit

Of all the Four Corners, Zephyr understands mankind best. With a body of Air, she deeply appreciates change. More importantly, her ability to hear and comprehend sound at a planetary level has provided her with deep insight into the human experience. She spends most of her time helping humans find inner peace.