Fire AnimateFlame

Summon living flame!

Not much secret to this popular Power Set. Fire is all about the Damage. You'll find loads of direct Damage here. Fire is not just about toasting your enemy with Fire Blasts though. You'll also find an excellent Reflect card and some powerful sweepers, not to mention a unique Focus card. If your idea of fun is roasting the enemy, Fire is a sure bet.

Power CardsEdit

Card Name Focus Cost Rarity Short Description Long Description

Animate FlameEdit

35 Epic Summon Fire Drake A 2/3 Fire Drake is summoned into target empty friendly slot.

Burn BrightEdit

10 Legendary Focus, Burn You gain 25 focus but receive 2 Damage at the end of your turn.


10 Uncommon Burn 2 Target enemy is dealt 2 damage at the end of its next turn.


45 Epic Burn 8 Target enemy is dealt 8 damage at the end of its next turn.


60 Epic Destroy Enemy Ally Target enemy ally is destroyed.

Fire BallEdit

40 Common Harm 2, Burn All 2 Enemy Hero is dealt 2 damage. All enemies are dealt 2 damage at the end of their next turns.

Fire BlastEdit

15 Common Harm 2, Burn 1 Target enemy is dealt 2 damage. At the end of its next turn, it is dealt 1 more damage.

Flame FormEdit

55 Legendary Reflect 2 For the rest of the game, enemy units that hit you are dealt 2 damage.

Heat SphereEdit

10 Uncommon Reflect 3 For 1 turn, Target friendly ally deals 3 damage to any enemy unit that hits it.

Heat VisionEdit

25 Rare Harm 3, Aim 2 Target enemy is dealt 3 damage and has a 50% chance of being dealt 2 more damage.


50 Rare Harm All Units 5 All units, both friendly and enemy, are dealt 5 damage.


30 Rare Destroy, Strike 6 Target friendly ally is destroyed. Then, the opposing enemy unit is dealt 6 damage.


35 Common Harm 5 Target enemy is dealt 5 damage.


75 Legendary Harm All 5, Burn All 2 All enemies are dealt 5 damage. At the end of their next turns, they are dealt 2 more damage.

Wall of FireEdit

40 Uncommon Reflect All 2 Until your next turn, enemy units that hit you or your allies are dealt 2 damage.