Energy Fortify

Excellent defense from Fortify

Need for Speed? Energy's got it. Want defense? Energy's got Shields galore. Not to mention Damage, Stun, Dodge, Kill, and Blind. A multi-purpose toolkit, the Energy Power Set can complement other sets and particularly suits itself to Ally-centered decks.

Power CardsEdit

Card Name Focus Cost Rarity Short Description Long Description


5 Rare Stun, Protect Target friendly ally is protected and immobilized for one turn.

Disruption RayEdit

45 Uncommon Cone 2, Blind Target enemy and adjacent enemies are dealt 2 damage and are blinded until your next turn.


25 Uncommon Speed, Rush Target friendly unit may attack twice this turn, even if just entered the battlefield.

Energy BeamEdit

20 Common Harm 3 Target enemy is dealt 3 damage.

Energy BlastEdit

35 Common Harm 4, Blind Target enemy unit is dealt 4 damage and misses its next attack.


15 Uncommon Blind Target enemy misses its next attack.

Force BubbleEdit

55 Epic Shield All 5 The next 5 damage dealt to each of your Hero and allies is absorbed.

Force FieldEdit

10 Common Shield 2 The next 2 damage dealt to target friendly unit is absorbed.


40 Epic Shield Target friendly unit gains shield 5 and then gains shield 1 at the beginning of each turn.


60 Legendary Speed All All friendly units attack twice this turn.

Kinetic ShiftEdit

35 Rare Sap All 1, Buff All 1 Until the beginning of your next turn, enemies receive -1 to strength and friendly units gain +1 to strength.

Repulsion FieldEdit

35 Epic Evade All The next time enemies attack your Hero and allies, they miss.

Siphon EnergyEdit

40 Rare Stun, Speed Enemy Hero loses its next attack. Your Hero may attack twice this turn.


80 Legendary Harm All 5, Blind All All enemies are dealt 5 damage and are blinded, causing them to miss their next attack.

Warp SpaceEdit

50 Legendary Summon Singularity Place a 0/1 Singularity in target empty slot.