Dark RaiseDead

Raise undead minions!

Not every Hero is a paragon of humanity, all smiles and loved by many. Some Heroes walk in shadows and play a blood price for their powers. So it is with the Dark Power Set. Raise the dead, sacrifice your own Allies, and gain Focus at the cost of your Health. Dark powers are unique and Dark powers are potent. Can you wield them safely?

Power CardsEdit

Card Name Focus Cost Rarity Short Description Long Description

Bane of BloodEdit

0 Uncommon Harm Heroes Your Hero loses 3 Health. Enemy Hero loses 3 Health.

Blood BondEdit

0 Epic Harm, Suffer, Insight You lose 2 health, but gain 10 extra focus and begin to lose 1 health at the beginning of your turn.

Dark EmbraceEdit

55 Rare Kill Enemy Ally Target enemy ally is killed.

Dark SacrificeEdit

10 Epic Heal 2, Focus 20 Destroy target friendly ally. Your Hero gains 2 Health and 20 Focus.

Drain LifeEdit

25 Common Drain 2 Target enemy loses 2 health. Your Hero heals 2 health.

Horrific VisionEdit

35 Common Paralyze, Kill Target enemy ally loses its next attack and has a 50% chance of being killed.

Last BreathEdit

5 Epic Sac Ally Target Friendly ally is killed.

Raise DeadEdit

50 Rare Summon Skeletons A 1/1 Skeleton with Resurrect is placed in each of your empty slots.

Shadow FiendEdit

20 Uncommon Summon Shade A 1/2 Shade with Paralyze is placed into target empty slot.

Shadow MistEdit

15 Common Harm All 1 All enemies are dealt 1 damage.

Siphon SoulEdit

50 Legendary Drain 1 Each turn at the beginning of your Hero's turn, enemy Hero loses 1 health and you gain 1 health.

Soul SpearEdit

15 Uncommon Sac Ally, Harm Hero Target friendly ally is Destroyed. Enemy Hero is dealt 4 damage.


80 Legendary Destroy Enemy Allies All enemy allies are destroyed.


55 Rare Cleanse Enemy Hero With the exception of health, enemy hero is restored to its original condition.


10 Rare Rebirth Zombie When target friendly ally leaves play, it becomes a 1/2 Zombie.