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Campaign mode lets you explore the world of CLASH: Rise of Heroes. You'll join the story and encounter various Villains and Heroes wreaking havoc across the continents and above the skies. Bring your Hero to the rescue and reap rewards in the form of experience points, victory points, difficult to find cards, and best of all, exclusive cards. Enjoy exclusive, interactive comics and storylines that propel you across the World Map.

Daily MissionsEdit

Every day, new missions will load for your Hero to complete. Generally, there is a sequence of 3 missions, though sometimes you'll encounter 4. Completing each mission yields experience points, victory points, and an item. You must expend energy for each mission.

Free CampaignsEdit

Free campaigns unlock in the order below, as you complete them.

  1. Marshal Law
  2. Grimnur's Dream
  3. The Sleeping Dead
  4. Doomsday Down Under
  5. Pyramid Scheme
  6. Mars
  7. When in Rome

Premium CampaignsEdit

Premium campaigns also unlock in sequence.

  1. Part 1, Revenge of Dr. Leer (free sample)
  2. Part 2, Darlok Returns
  3. Part 3, The Infernal Machine
  4. Part 4, Lost in Time

Understanding the World MapEdit

  • World Map with annotations
  • Egypt Map with annotations

Sample Daily MissionEdit

Sample ComicEdit

From the Return of Darlok campaign.

  • Prologue
  • Chapter 4, page 1
  • Chapter 4, page 2