Arcane EldritchLore

Wield great power, at a price!

You might call it pulling a rabbit out of your hat, but your opponent will think his ally has disappeared when you use Arcane powers like Animorph or Charm. Arcane is a unique Power Set in the game, the only one that gives you Sink power cards or that lets your discard your opponent's hand. Using Arcane powers requires skill but once you've mastered the eldritch arts, let opposing heroes beware!

Power CardsEdit

Card Name Focus Cost Rarity Short Description Long Description


60 Epic Transform Target enemy Ally is turned into a 0/1 Bunny.

Arcane ShieldEdit

35 Common Shield 3, Heal 3 Target friendly unit is healed 3 health and the next 3 damage dealt to it is absorbed.


100 Legendary Capture Choose an enemy ally, and then choose one of your empty slots. That ally teleports to that slot.

Conjure GriffinEdit

20 Common Summon Griffin Place a 2/1 Griffin in one of your empty slots.


40 Uncommon Cycle, Cleanse You are cleansed and your current hand is discarded.


10 Rare Transform Target friendly ally turns into 0/1 Magic Dust.

Eldritch LoreEdit

50 100 Focus, Sink, Suffer You gain 100 focus, but you lose the ability to play cards next turn and begin to suffer.


50 Epic Insight 10, Strength 1 You gain 1 Strength and start to gain 10 extra Focus at the beginning of each turn.

Illusionary CageEdit

35 Uncommon Immobilize Target enemy ally has a 75% chance of permanently losing its ability to attack.

Lifelink RuneEdit

35 Epic Summon Place a 0/1 Lifelink Rune in target empty friendly slot.

Magic BoltsEdit

35 Common Harm All 2, Discard All Enemy units are dealt 2 damage and enemy hero's hand is discarded.

Nether StrikeEdit

35 Rare Speed, Redirect Target friendly ally attacks the enemy hero twice this turn, even if it just entered play.

Prismatic RayEdit

55 Legendary Harm 5, Sink 3 Target enemy unit is dealt 5 damage. Enemy Hero may only play 2 cards on their next turn.

Spectrum SwirlEdit

25 Rare Sink 3 Enemy hero may only play 2 cards on their next turn.