When super-powered telepaths roam the world, there's no sure way to defend against mind-control. Recognizing this harsh reality, the World Alliance formed the Agents of Truth, a super-secret spy operation that monitors World Alliance activity and roots out corruption. In line with their mission, the Agents of Truth also keep close surveillance on any known being with the power to psychically manipulate others. Only a select few know about the existence of the Agents of Truth, and when agents must blow their cover, they have ways to ensure that outsiders involved soon forget. While the Agents of Truth monitor all levels of government, they have a particular interest in the affairs of the ULH given its concentration of power. Accordingly, they have planted undercover spies throughout.

Agents of TruthEdit

Stats are related (Focus/Strength/Health)

Agent Lee (40/2/6) - Laser PrecisionEdit

By the book and effective, Agent Lee eagerly executes his duty. As Field Commander, he frequently leads a team of agents to ambush and capture rogue telepaths. Agent Lee has the ability to calculate probabilities at extraordinary speeds, helping him anticipate every move with extreme accuracy.

Cloak (50/1/6) - InvisibilityEdit

A mystery wrapped in an enigma, the being known as Cloak spends most of his time unseen. He lives alone, has no friends, and works endlessly to fight corruption. His power of invisibility provides the Agency with extremely valuable intel. However, Crylon suspects Cloak may know more than he's authorized.

  • Agent Lee
  • Cloak
  • Crylon
  • Keen
  • Ladybug
  • Nano X

Crylon (75/3/7) - Plasma ShieldEdit

Crylon's true identity is a closely guarded secret. Other agents know only that he is sanctioned by the highest authority to run the operation. His super-powered suit is rumored to incorporate extraterrestrial technology, providing him with super strength, durability, and weaponry. More importantly, it protects him from mind-control.

Keen (80/3/6) - Nearly InvincibleEdit

Fans of blockbuster flicks know him as Jonathan Keen, a former 80s movie star. His courage to reveal his abilities to the world paved the way for many others. Keens body is nearly indestructible, granting him eternal youth and formidability on the battlefield. As a spy, his international fame provides him with both powerful connections and surprisingly good cover.

Ladybug (40/1/5) - PacifyEdit

Though slight in appearance, Ladybug has the powerful ability to control emotions. While her power may be used to incite riots and start wars, she prefers peace over violence. In battle, she frequently pacifies her foes, draining them of the will to fight. Ladybug currently works undercover as a ULH Communications Officer.

Nano X (50/1/7) - Healing BotsEdit

The tiny and meek don't get much glory in the struggle between heroes and villains. An exception is Nano X, who once was a sickly, frail nano-engineer whose life's work was even smaller and weaker than himself. He began using nanotech to bolster his health, eventually ending up as Nanoman, a cyborg superhuman who can use his invisible minions to destroy foes or regenerate friends.